I am a journalist, educator and academic, Professor and Associate Dean (UG) at University of Westminster’s Faculty of Media, Arts and Design,  London, UK.

I write books, chapter and articles on journalism, visual culture, musicology and screen media.

Here’s a selected list:


Hawkins, S and Niblock, S, Prince: The Making of a Pop Music Phenomenon (Ashgate 2011) 

Niblock, S, The Fifth Estate: Media Training and Professionalism (Palgrave 2012)

Niblock, S, Journalism: a Beginner’s Guide (One World, 2010)

Niblock, S and Machin, D, News Production: Theory and Practice (Routledge 2006)

Niblock, S: Inside Journalism (London: Routledge 1996)


Niblock, S. (2016) Prince: For You. In: All by Myself Essays on the Single-Artist Rock Album. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Niblock, S (2012) “Journalism and Compassion: rewriting an on-screen crusader for the digital age” in Peacock, S (ed) Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming 2013)

Niblock, S “Features” in Franklin, B (ed) Pulling Newspapers Apart: analysing print journalism (Routledge 2008)

Niblock, S “Immersion reporting” in Butt, M (ed) Story – the Heart of the Matter, (London: Greenwich Exchange 2007) pp. 46-58

Niblock, S: “Practice and theory: What is News” in Keeble, R (ed) Print Journalism: a critical introduction (Routledge 2005) pp. 73-82

Niblock, S: “Staying Calm Under Pressure: The Role of the News Editor” in Keeble, R (ed) Print Journalism: a critical  introduction (Routledge 2005) pp. 95-104

Niblock, S:  ”My Manolos, My Self: Manolo Blahnik, Shoes and Desire” in Akass, K and McCabe, J (eds): Reading Sex and the City (IB Tauris, 2004) pp. 144-148

Niblock, S: “Advertising” in Carson and Pajazckowska: Feminist Visual

Culture (Edinburgh University Press, 2000) pp. 295-308

Papers (all refereed)

Niblock, S (2012) “Envisioning Journalism Practice as Research” Journalism Practice Available online: 20 Jan 2012

Machin D and Niblock S (2010) “The New Breed Of Business Journalism For Niche Global News: The case of Bloomberg News”, Journalism Studies, Volume 11 Issue 6, 783

Niblock S and Machin D (2008) “News values for consumer groups: The case of Independent Radio News, London, UK” Journalism; Theory and Practice (Sage) 2007  Issue 8 pp. 184-204 ALSO PUBLISHED IN Crisell, Andrew (2008) Radio, London: Routledge

Niblock, S and Machin, D (2008) “The Semiotics of Newspaper Re-branding: a case study of the Liverpool Daily Post”, Journalism Practice, Vol 1 Issue 4

Niblock, S, “From ‘knowing how’ to ‘being able’: negotiating the meanings of reflective practice and reflexive research in journalism studies”, Journalism Practice       (Routledge) Vol. 1, Issue 1 pp. 20-32

Niblock, S: “Television Reporting of the Iraq War: reflexivity or ratings?” in Visual Communication, 2003. Issue 2 pp. 375-377

Niblock, S: “Searching for Authenticity: Femininity and Women’s Magazines” on Cardiff University Mapping the Magazine CD (2003)

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