I am a journalist, educator and academic, CEO of UK Council for Psychotherapy, formerly Professor and Associate Dean (UG) at University of Westminster’s Faculty of Media, Arts and Design,  London, UK.

All views expressed are my own.

Here’s a selected publications list:


Hawkins, S and Niblock, S, Prince: The Making of a Pop Music Phenomenon (Ashgate 2011) 

Niblock, S, The Fifth Estate: Media Training and Professionalism (Palgrave 2012)

Niblock, S, Journalism: a Beginner’s Guide (One World, 2010)

Niblock, S and Machin, D, News Production: Theory and Practice (Routledge 2006)

Niblock, S: Inside Journalism (London: Routledge 1996)


Niblock, S. (2016) Prince: For You. In: All by Myself Essays on the Single-Artist Rock Album. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Niblock, S (2012) “Journalism and Compassion: rewriting an on-screen crusader for the digital age” in Peacock, S (ed) Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy (Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming 2013)

Niblock, S “Features” in Franklin, B (ed) Pulling Newspapers Apart: analysing print journalism (Routledge 2008)

Niblock, S “Immersion reporting” in Butt, M (ed) Story – the Heart of the Matter, (London: Greenwich Exchange 2007) pp. 46-58

Niblock, S: “Practice and theory: What is News” in Keeble, R (ed) Print Journalism: a critical introduction (Routledge 2005) pp. 73-82

Niblock, S: “Staying Calm Under Pressure: The Role of the News Editor” in Keeble, R (ed) Print Journalism: a critical  introduction (Routledge 2005) pp. 95-104

Niblock, S:  ”My Manolos, My Self: Manolo Blahnik, Shoes and Desire” in Akass, K and McCabe, J (eds): Reading Sex and the City (IB Tauris, 2004) pp. 144-148

Niblock, S: “Advertising” in Carson and Pajazckowska: Feminist Visual

Culture (Edinburgh University Press, 2000) pp. 295-308

Papers (all refereed)

Niblock, S (2012) “Envisioning Journalism Practice as Research” Journalism Practice Available online: 20 Jan 2012

Machin D and Niblock S (2010) “The New Breed Of Business Journalism For Niche Global News: The case of Bloomberg News”, Journalism Studies, Volume 11 Issue 6, 783

Niblock S and Machin D (2008) “News values for consumer groups: The case of Independent Radio News, London, UK” Journalism; Theory and Practice (Sage) 2007  Issue 8 pp. 184-204 ALSO PUBLISHED IN Crisell, Andrew (2008) Radio, London: Routledge

Niblock, S and Machin, D (2008) “The Semiotics of Newspaper Re-branding: a case study of the Liverpool Daily Post”, Journalism Practice, Vol 1 Issue 4

Niblock, S, “From ‘knowing how’ to ‘being able’: negotiating the meanings of reflective practice and reflexive research in journalism studies”, Journalism Practice       (Routledge) Vol. 1, Issue 1 pp. 20-32

Niblock, S: “Television Reporting of the Iraq War: reflexivity or ratings?” in Visual Communication, 2003. Issue 2 pp. 375-377

Niblock, S: “Searching for Authenticity: Femininity and Women’s Magazines” on Cardiff University Mapping the Magazine CD (2003)


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